Hemp Fiber Bag

Hemp Fiber Bag

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HEMP FIBER — 10-Pound Bag
All-Natural Contaminant-Free Refined Hemp Fiber

BIOPHIL Refined Hemp Fiber is a more effective and more sustainable source of raw material for a variety of consumer and industrial applications such as clothing, shoes, accessories, thread, bed and bath linens, canvas products, rope, netting, carpet and many other woven and non-woven fabric products as well as a wide range of biocomposites.  Clothing made from hemp fiber is stronger, lasts longer and retains its shape better than its cotton equivalent.  Moreover, producing a pound of cotton woven fabric takes 3 times more land, 10 times more water to grow, 4 times more water for process, and much more chemicals compared to producing a pound of woven hemp fabric.

• All-Natural
• 100% Free from Chemicals and Other Impurities
• 99% Hurd-Free
• Dust-Free
• Odor-Free
• Organically Degummed
• Mostly 1-inch to 1.5-inch in Length
• Eco-Friendly
• Biodegradable
• Grown and Processed in the United States

$149.00 for a 15-Pound Bag plus Shipping