About Hemp Stalk

Effective and Sustainable Alternatives

BioPhil Natural Fibers was created for the sole purpose of offering more effective and sustainable alternatives to everyday products using hemp stalk.  From the early 1600s, hemp stalk was the material of choice across North America for a wide variety of important uses ranging from paper to textiles.  In fact, early drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper.   Now that hemp has been legalized once again, the possibilities for hemp stalk as a green alternative to modern-day industrial applications and consumer products are endless.

Our processing line is 100% waste-free, meaning that we use every bit of the hemp stalk to make three distinct products, each of which is a more environmentally friendly and more functional alternative to consumer goods and raw materials currently on the market: hemp hurd (the woody inner core of the stalk); hemp fiber (the fibrous membrane that surrounds the hurd core); and hurd powder.

Each of our products is 100% chemical-free and dust-free.  Our production line consists of a multi-step separation processs that removes all dust, fiber and other impurities from our hurd, resulting in a very clean non-allergenic hemp hurd with a high absorption capacity that would otherwise be undermined by contaminants.