Research and Development

Innovation is who we are at our core.  Finding new opportunities to replace non-renewable or non-biodegradable sources of raw material with environment-friendly alternatives is what drives us.  We’re passionate about hemp stalk and discovering its full potential as a sustainable resource, but we are even more passionate about doing so in collaboration with other hemp innovators.  For any business that thrives on the advancement (as opposed to the deterioration) of environmental protection standards and making sustainability financially viable, our view is that research and development should be a collaborative process.  Working together will allow us to change the tide more quickly, and all ships rise on a swelling tide.

We continually invest in our organization and employees to stay ahead of the curve, but we also invest in other companies experimenting with hemp hurd, fiber and powder by sharing our knowledge base and expertise as well as offering free product samples for prototype development.  If you are interested in collaborating on developing a product or application using hemp hurd, fiber or hurd powder, please fill out and submit the contact form below.